Friday, August 16, 2013

No longer "Them"

This morning the crisp air on this abnormally cool August curled around my bike and I as I came upon a group of road bikers at an intersection on my way work I realized that I no longer consider myself apart from "Them", that is road bikers, you know, "Roadies". I don't know when that happened. I used to always consider myself a mountain biker that due to circumstances was in a sea of pavement, while dreaming of being on the trail... There they were in front of me, a group of road bikers doing a group ride in the opposite direction, and I realized I no longer thought of them as "Them", but considered myself one of them. I can't remember when that change happened. But I do know that this doesn't mean I am going to start shaving my legs or anything... I don't need to get to work that much faster...
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