Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cycling Glove Review

I came across a pretty good review of bike gloves (ways of keeping your hands warm) when riding in colder temps.

Planet Bike Borealis Winter Cycling Gloves with removable fleece liner and windproof fabric

20.8°, wind chill 18°

-O2 Jacket
-polor tech fleece vest
-Champion Duo Dry tshirt
-wind proof Novara pants
-wool socks
-Cannondale bike shoes
-balaclava face mask
-wrist warmers
-Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves
-thick cotton skull cap

Was comfortable. My thumbs did get cold and hurt until I was in my office for a while. My toes were also cold, but overall was comfortable other than in those two areas. Even unzipped the side vents on my jacket to keep my torso from over heating.

Monday, November 10, 2014


-O2 Jacket
-REI Polor tech fleece vest
-Novara bike shorts
-quick dry shirt
-Pearl Izumi socks
-skull cap
-insulated gloves
-wrist warmers

Legs were cold for about the first three miles, then was fine. My chest started to get warm about seven miles in, but was able to unzip both outer layers, and felt better.

Friday, November 7, 2014

44° wind chill 40°

-polar tech vest
-cotton socks
-full fingered gloves
-Nema quick dry shirt

My arms were cold most of the ride, my chest was comfortable but then slightly warm near 9 miles in, but lowered the zipper, and was comfortable.

Monday, November 3, 2014


-pullover polartech fleece (Eddie Bauer)
-quickdry undershirt (Champion DuoDry)
-quickdry shirt (Novara)
-windproof bike pants
-wrist warmers
-insulated gloves
-skull cap

Was a bit warm in my legs, would have probably been more comfortable still in shorts. The fleece was comfortable.