Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventures in Bike Commuting.....

This morning was an adventurous day in bike commuting (not in a good adventuring way...).  I was already rushed, as I was running late; somehow I convince myself when I am still in bed, that I don't need as much time as I really do to do breakfast and then help get the kids going with their morning routine before I leave Julia to the rest of the kids' morning requirements and shuttling to their destinations.

So back to what happened, I was already running late, and was cruising along, trying to make up for lost time, then in the middle of banking on a hard left to try to minimize any loss of momentum on the turn, I hear a pop and then bouncing sound. So I quickly stop, and turn around to see my rear tail light cover rolling away, and immediately hear the batteries go following after. Am able to recover the cover and batteries, although I notice the cover now looks to have a chip broken off, but after struggling a bit, am able to get it back on, although doesn't feel very secure anymore. As I am riding off, I realize that I didn't' see the rubber gasket that makes the light water tight, so it may die on my in the next rainy ride, if it holds together long enough. So this was about a mile into the ride. 

Then about 3 miles into my 10.5 mile ride I hear a quick sucking sound, then my front wheel stops, nearly sending me flying over the handlebars on a busy street. Not very fun. I look down, and see my front rain fender is shattered, and is what locked up my front wheel. Luckily I carry a small utility knife with me, so I was able to cut the rest of the fender off so I could continue my commute to work.

I'm sad about the fender, as I have come to appreciate the amount of water the fender keeps off me, but don't think I am going to be replacing that any time soon, budget is tight, and now where I currently works lends itself to taking mass transit if the weather looks to be bad, so I am no longer forced to ride even in inclement weather as I was before. But hate to have to spend money on it, but I know I won't feel comfortable riding with out a rear tail light. I don't trust that cars will pay attention to me without an obnoxiously bright light telling them I'm on there.

I've been very happy with my Cygolite Expilion headlight, so my look at Cygolite's rear tail light as a replacement option.