Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Friday afternoon I was doing well, and actually testing out a different route home. So I left work as normal and jumped on Spring Garden, took a slight detour to pick up cranberries for the baby shower we were hosting, and then went along the Schuylkill River trail. I was enjoying the ride, and cruising along, until I at one point was trying to decide if I should move onto the road, as it was pretty open, or stay on the paved off-street trail. At the last minute I decided to stay on the off-street trail, and of course at that point, I hit a pothole straight on, and immediately heard my front tire squealing at me. I called my wife to give her a heads up that I was going to take longer, as I was supposed to grill dinner once I got home. I then took the tire off, and found the flat cleaned it off a bit, and glued on a patch. As soon as I started pumping air into the tube, I started to hear the hiss of air escaping as the pinch flats I got from my rim were longer than I thought. They continued to open up vertically, stretching the tear past the patch. At this point, (thankfully only 5 minutes later) I had to admit defeat, and called my wife to ask if she can pack up all three kids into the car, and come and pick me up.

I thought to myself, at least I am in the middle of a nice park instead of a questionable neighborhood in West Philly.
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