Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Road Bike

This past week was not a good one for my commute bike. I got a flat last week, first one in about two years, then Tuesday got another flat. This time, I had just about made it to my bus, so I just got on and road into town. I didn't get a chance to try to fix it while at work, so Julia came and picked me up from the bus stop. On our way home we were just talking and totally forgot, and tried to drive the car into the garage with the bike on top. So, the house is okay, the car is okay, my bike... not so much. Well, it actually did pretty fine, the only damage was to the brake bosses on the fork, which makes it unrideable (at least with front brakes). I had been playing with the idea of trying to get myself a road bike, to have a more efficient bike to do the 15 miles a day I now do to get to work and back.

So we decided to go ahead and take the plunge instead of replacing the fork. I couldn't have asked for better timing, God must have been helping me out. The first day I started looking, I came across at a bike shop that the guy working there had just been thinking of selling his bike, and it happened to be my size, as well as one of my dream picks if money weren't an issue. So I ended up getting myself a '99 Specialized Allez Comp. Brought it home today, and will hopefully be riding it to work tomorrow. One thing that I couldn't believe about it is how light it is. It weighed in at 21.5 lbs, and I thought  my hard tail was a light bike.

I'll have to post an update once I've put a few miles on the road with it.
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