Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Torn Tire

If you have been following this blog may have seen that it has gotten way more exciting lately (which doesn't mean much, as this is typically a very dry blog, more to serve as a place for me to document what I wear with what climate conditions). I had been feeling a thumping feeling as the rear tire rotated, and I got the flat while getting ready to go to bed. And that following morning, I came downstairs to find my bike laying on its side, with a flat rear tire again. So I knew something was up. And I put in my extra tube, and rode to work. And when I got on my bike to ride home, (finally during sun-lit hours) I was able to see that my tire is tearing open at the location that I had gotten the flat the previous night. So Julia did me the favor of picking me up as I was riding to my local bike shop, Suwanee Creek Bicycles. The bike shop had some selection of slicks that I could pick from, but as this is my primary means of transportation, I am getting picky, which they were happy to help me with. So it turns out that the pair that I like had to be ordered, and to keep me from being without a rideable bike, they lent me a brand new tire to use until the pair I ordered gets in (talk about good service!) I love this bike shop, its a great sensation feeling that they personally know me (as they always know me by name as I walk in, or when I call asking questions), and really take care of me.
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